Thinking Green, Franco Mondini-Ruiz and Todd Hanlon
High Pink, Franco Mondini-Ruiz, Todd Hanlon

Project Info:

Franco Mondini-Ruiz is definitely a character to remember. I worked with him for many years (five +) on a variety of projects most notably the publication of "High Pink", a narrative coffee table art book. I was responsible for transcribing text and formatting images into a rough draft that was sent to DAP printers for publication.

Aside from the book, I assisted Franco in many installations across the USA, some of them receiving grants from many organizations. On the left is "Thinking Green", a project sponsored by the Queens Museum of Art. In this position, I gained a variety of skills from a world-reknowned visual artist.

  • Desktop Publishing (InDesign)
  • Photography (Photoshop)
  • Art Installation and Sculpture
  • Artist Representation

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